Debunking The Myths Of Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a common problem for people especially within a certain age range. We wish we didn’t have it, we want to be rid of it, but we sometimes don’t really understand it. So many people tell us things about cellulite which make us worry about getting treatment for it, but not all of them are true. Read on as we debunk some of the myths of cellulite treatment.

Cellulite Is In Your Genes And Cannot Be Removed

While it is true that genetics do affect cellulite development, but you can also do something to prevent it from happening to you. By maintaining a healthy weight, cutting down on stress, caring for your skin to promote collagen production, and maintaining a regular exercise routine to build up muscle, you can minimize your risk of getting visible cellulite regardless of what your other family members have.

Cellulite Is Just Excess Fat

Our body does contain fats, but cellulite happens to show it in a different way. This is not about excess fat, this is usually due to abnormalities in the dermis and weakened connective tissue between fat and muscles. The layer of tissue between your muscle and skin which usually keeps fat cells in place and your skin looking smooth, is no longer doing the work as it is weakened, so fat cells start to show through. Most of the time, cellulite is actually caused by changes in hormones, age, weight change or lack of muscle toning, poor circulation, and stress.

Weight Loss Means Losing Cellulite Too

If you have tried this, you would know – weight loss doesn’t necessarily remove your cellulite. It could be a good thing if you have excess weight for sure, but cellulite requires other kinds of efforts. Rather than going on a diet, you could instead build up your muscles with strength training exercises to better tone your body.

Cellulite Is A Women’s Problem

While perhaps 90 percent of women develop cellulite at some stage of life, men are not completely spared. About 10 percent of men will develop cellulite as well. There are two reasons why women are so much more likely to develop cellulite, though. One reason is the fat cells in women tend to end up on the thighs and hips, where cellulite is most common, while for men fat cells gather around the abdomen. The other reason is that the connective tissue that prevents cellulite is generally weaker in women, and as women age, less estrogen is produced to help support circulation, hence less collagen production and connective tissue strength.

Creams Will Solve Your Cellulite Problem

Many creams do help reducing the appearance of cellulite. But there is a much more effective solution – non-surgical body shaping treatments, using lasers for skin rejuvenation. Laser based treatments can remove or reduce blemishes, wrinkles and other types of skin irregularities, without significant downtime and disruption of schedule. Where creams don’t work, this would be a more effective option.

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