How Chemical Peels Help Achieve Better-Looking Skin

Chemical peeling used to be the go-to skin treatment for ladies of leisure. Highly popular in the 90s, chemical peels unfortunately had to move over when new technologies like skin-resurfacing lasers came into play in the early 2000s. But these days, they’re better than before and certainly making a comeback, as they are now the treatment of choice to be recommended by dermatologists, many of whom find that chemical peels are more effective at delivering certain benefits than laser treatments, such as reversing melasma and breakouts. High-tech devices aren’t everything, it seems, even if they are costlier! Price points aside, we look at some of the advantages chemical peeling has over its more modern alternatives.

Low Risk And Customizable

There is a chemical peel out there that’s suitable for every skin type and color, without risk of hyperpigmentation which is sometimes a concern for people with darker complexions. Using multiple acids in low percentages gives a better outcome with less irritation than using one acid at a higher strength, and so chemical peels tend to be a cocktail mix of acids designed to boost your skin’s rejuvenation process. Some chemical peels contain vitamin C to brighten brown spots, while for sensitive skin they may include soothing polyphenols.

Improve Efficacy Of Skincare Products

Removing the top layer of your skin is a quick process that triggers a whole host of lovely reactions: your cells beneath are signaled to multiply and move up to the skin’s surface, collagen production is triggered, and your skin looks and feels younger. Skin is both radiant and more receptive to skincare products, as dead skin cells no longer block their absorption.

No More Acne And Soften Pimple Scars

To combat acne and scars, salicylic acid peels are the best. They dive deep into the skin to unclog pores, but also attack blackheads on the surface, and help to soften marks on the face caused by pimple scarring. Also, salicylic acid lingers in the pores and continues to work even if you don’t apply any the next day. There are also no risks of a flare-up after a salicylic acid peel or a similar Jessner’s peel, compared to when using laser treatments such as Fraxnel, which has a reportedly 30 percent chance of an acne eruption afterwards.

Lighten Dark Circles

Some chemical peels can even lighten your dark undereye circles, if you’re not squeamish about getting acid near your eyeballs. For those of us who may have hereditary dark circles caused by pigmentation, this might be a lifesaver though. Look for peels which contain lactic acid and trichloroacetic acid (TCA), such as the Enerpeel Technology Brightening Peel System by Glytone, which drives the acid deep inside the skin and bypasses the epidermis to lessen irritation.

Bye Bye Pigmentation

Pigmentation can be so hard to remove, and painfully obvious on the skin, and it’s frustrating that there is no permanent solution. But chemical peels may just do the trick better than lasers, where pigmentation often reappears weeks later. Of course, this must be paired with a strict routine of sunscreen and sun avoidance.

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