How Do Dermaplaning Facial Treatments Work?

From influencers to celebrities, it’s all the rage. Dermaplaning facial treatments are being done everywhere you look, and on more people than you thought you knew. This trend, used by more and more people every day, is the perfect way to achieve exfoliation on a deeper level. But what is this dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning – What Is It?

To slough off dead skin cells, granules are used by “physical exfoliates”.

Also, to remove dead skin cells, naturally occurring acids and enzymes are used in a “chemical exfoliant”.

Dermaplaning is the prior – physical exfoliation. But to shave the skin’s surface gently, a sterile surgical scalpel is used rather than using granules. This technique removes, along with fine peach fuzz (or vellus hair), the very top layer of dead skin. Skin is left in a silkier, smoother condition than with any other technique of exfoliation. This is due, in part, to the process of hair removal.

Dermaplaning Has Its Benefits

Once the technique of dermaplaning is complete, the entire process actually helps skin absorb applied products more deeply. This helps to hydrate dry skin as well as healing and soothing. Skin is left naturally radiant, clear, and smooth.

The following are additional benefits of a dermaplane facial:

  • Works on most any skin type
  • The look of fine lines is diminished
  • The appearance of acne scars is reduced
  • Smoother skin is promoted
  • Soft facial hair that usually traps oils and dirt are eliminated
  • For removing dead skin cells, it is a safe, preferable procedure

Is a Dermaplane Facial Perfect for Everyone?

As suggested above, this treatment works on pretty much any skin type. However, if you have exceedingly sensitive skin or deep cystic acne, this treatment may not be for you. If you can wait until your breakouts are clear, in the case of acne sufferers, you may be able to undergo the treatment at that time. Because of the removal of over 20 days-worth of dead skin cells, for sensitive skin, post treatment sensitivity may be too much to bear.

This is a treatment that should never be tried on your own or at home. It must be done with a sterile surgical blade and improper execution can result in skin infections and micro tears in your skin. Only in a professional setting should this treatment be done, and by a licensed esthetician.

What to Expect

There is some pre-and post-skincare that is involved in dermaplaning. The entire dermaplane facial could, because of these pre-and post-care procedures, last as much as 60 minutes. It only takes about 45 minutes for the actual dermaplane procedure, however. Check with the location at which you are having a procedure done for specific times and treatments.

How Should I Care for My Skin after Treatment?

Environmental factors like the sun will affect your skin on a greater level because of the increased sensitivity experienced post dermaplane facial. This is nothing new if you are used to facials or peels, but it is on a higher, increased level. To keep your skin healthy and radiant, apply and reapply, post procedure, adequate SPF protection.

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