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Stylish grooming, metrosexual or modern man, call it whatever you want, but the truth is that a large number of men are taking care of their physical appearances and can go to any extent to achieve a polished look. Not so long ago, tweezing, plucking, waxing, and threading was considered a woman’s thing but men are fast trespassing this field. Previously, hair removal techniques were associated with females and being a male meant that your body hairs should remain untouched. Not anymore! At Spark Laser Center, we are a treatment center in New York that specializes in laser hair removal for men. We have the perfect solution for your hair removal needs.

What Is Laser Hair Removal For Men?

While shaving might be relatively quick, the chances of nicks, cuts and unsightly bumps are pretty high for most men, especially on a busy morning. A typical routine that involves plucking, waxing, shaving and any other form of hair removal can be time-consuming.

Laser hair removal for men is a replacement for all other forms of hair removal out there. Say goodbye to waxing, sugaring, threading etcetera. The procedure is non-invasive, and all undesirable hair is completely eliminated from the body quickly and efficiently leaving in its wake smooth and silky skin with no visible bumps, cuts or irritations. More importantly with laser hair removal, there is no downtime.

How Does Laser Hair Removal For Men Work?

Laser hair removal is a procedure that utilizes beams of light that are designed to bypass the epidermis, target the follicle, and disable the reproductive cycle of the hair. These are done without hurting the individual’s skin. Hair will stop growing if the follicle dies. As mentioned, the lasers destroy the follicle; making it weaker and limper over time.

In addition to the destruction of follicles, the pigment in one’s hair also absorbs the laser’s light. That light will then be converted into heat, which delays future hair growth. At Spark Laser Center, we utilize Candela Gentle Max Pro to facilitate our treatments. It is the latest laser technology FDA-approved laser hair removal solution that suits all skin types and tones.

When Should You Get Laser Hair Removal For Men?

If you are tired of having ingrown hairs that cause scars or want to have less hair to shave, you can consider the laser hair removal procedure. The procedure does not only target the facial region. It also appeals to men that have excessive body hair and are concerned about aesthetics. Laser hair removal is useful when one wants to remove excess hair on his stomach, chest, back, and more. Today, men who want to feel more confident in their skin choose laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal procedures are also great if you are an athlete, e.g. a bodybuilder or cyclist. By reducing the amount of hair on one’s body, he can enhance muscle definition. Tight cycling kits and individuals with a lot of body hair can lead to chafing and irritation. This is a problem that can be resolved with laser hair removal.

Choose Spark Laser Center For Laser Hair Removal For Men

Spark Laser Center is a leading provider of laser hair removal solutions for men in New York. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that all of our solutions are approved by the FDA and are result-oriented. They are also performed by licensed and highly-skilled specialists.

If you want to schedule an appointment with Spark Laser Center for laser hair removal for men, do not hesitate to call 212-245-0940 or send an email to Info@sparklasercenter.com.

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