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Pigmentation & Sun Spot Removal

Pigmentation is a condition that causes an individual’s skin to darken. Small dark patches may cover large areas of the person’s body or entirely. Pigmentation is typically not harmful, but it can be a sign of other medical conditions. A sun spot is a flat brown spot that develops on areas of your skin that have been exposed to the sun. Although they are also known as liver spots, they have nothing to do with your liver. Sun spots are also harmless and are not noncancerous. They do not pose any risk to your health. Many individuals choose to remove them for cosmetic reasons. That’s where pigmentation & sun spot removal comes in.
What Is Pigmentation & Sun Spot Removal?
Skin pigmentation marks and sun spots are a buildup of melanocytes under your skin. They are cells that contain melanin. These spots may affect your face, hands, and other body areas. Pigmentation and sun spot removal can be facilitated via laser technology.
How Does Pigmentation & Sun Spot Removal Work?
Today, laser treatment is one of the most advanced treatments for unwanted pigmentation and sun spot removal. Different types of laser technology are designed for different types of pigmentation. If you are dealing with superficial lesions, a 755nm laser pigmentation removal treatment should suffice. The pigmentation can also be removed between one and three treatments.
The pigmentation & sun spot removal tool produces high energy light waves. The light source is then converted into heat energy. This technology can accurately target the specific area of pigmentation because cells that contain an excessive concentration of pigmentation will absorb the laser. This effectively destroys unwanted cells and leave the surrounding tissue intact.
Pigmentation & sun spot removal has minimal side effects and quick recovery time.
When Should You Get Pigmentation & Sun Spot Removal?
This laser treatment option is suitable for you if you want to treat any benign hyperpigmentation, sun spots included. Some patients also get the treatment when they want to remove café au lait birthmarks, age spots, and freckles. It is imperative that you consult Spark Laser Center prior to treatment. This ensures that you are a good candidate. You should keep in mind that an individual with a history of skin cancer or raised pigmentation is not a suitable candidate.
Choose Spark Laser Center For Pigmentation & Sun Spot Removal
At Spark Laser Center, we are a private cosmetic laser spa that specializes in an array of laser pigmentation treatments for women, including pigmentation & sun spot removal. You can enjoy complete peace of mind that all of our treatment options are approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). What’s more, they are affordable.
Spark Laser Center owns state-of-the-art laser technology. They are operated by certified laser specialists with many years of experience in the field of laser treatments. We understand that privacy is important to our valued clients, and that’s why you will receive the treatment you need via a confidential environment.
If you want to schedule an appointment with Spark Laser Center for pigmentation & sun spot removal, do not hesitate to call 212-245-0940 or send an email to Info@sparklasercenter.com

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