UPDATE!!! so I had my second full session. I must say I have never ever been so happy before! My results are truly amazing! When I went last week I had almost no hair at all. I was really scared to ever start doing laser but after seeing these AMAZINGLY INCREDIBLE results, I want to literally go and do the rest of my body (legs, armpits, bikini. If you see my hairy legs you would want me to go also ). ALSO, Amna and Jamie (Jen) are just the most amazing ladies you will ever meet. They make you feel so comfortable! I still can’t stop talking so highly of them. After my session was done I didn’t even want to leave, I stayed a little longer to just chat with them. They make you feel as if you’ve known them forever and you’re BFFs. I will definitely recommend for people to come here for laser treatments. I promise you, you will not be disappointed ! I LOVE SPARK LASER!Minka R.

Went in for a consultation and walked out the happiest person ever! Seeing the results just at the first session was just mind blowing! Amna and Jen are by far the best people ever. They make you feel very comfortable as if you knew them forever. I will definitely recommend this place to any and everyone. I still can’t believe how amazing this place is especially the staff!Verified Patient

Loved coming here and will absolutely come back if ever in need of a diff area. Amna, Jennifer, Miriam and Shireen were all professional and perpetually accommodating but also just plain lovely people to be around.Despite the fact this location is out of the way for me coming from BK I’d continue coming here no questions asked, if I even needed to (the complete results of my 6 sessions have been amazing. Lasering your underarms will change your sleeveless life!)Minette Y.

This place really cares about your results, unlike most that try to scam you to get you to keep coming back. The laser machines are top of the line quality in the industry and the people are very accommodating & friendly. Everything is very clean and I recommend this center to everyone I know who asks about laser hair removal!Sabina R.

I have been going to Spark laser for almost a year now after I got a Gilt City discount. This was my first laser session ever, so I was a bit nervous about the pain people talk about and even the burns I’ve been warned about. I did a lot of research on laser machines and laser places. I can confidently say that Spark laser is really one of the best. Amna is the best! She ALWAYS takes care of me and does whatever she can to help me out with prices & appointments. I started out with Jen, who is wonderful, but now the new technician, Mariam is just as excellent and thorough when it comes to removing all the spots.I will be honest, my underarms did not get the same results as my other treatment areas after 6 sessions, but Spark is working with me to make sure I get the best results. I commute all the way from long island…for laser! I started with one area because of the Gilt coupon, but after meeting the staff and being treated I quickly added 2 more areas. I am a dedicated Spark Laser client and always recommend anyone who is interested in laser!Sara A.

My technician was Mariam and she was wonderful. She knew exactly what she was doing and she made me feel very comfortable and safe. Laser isn’t always easy to go through but she was the best technician I’ve had, I definitely recommend her, not to mention the conversation was great. Milcah G.

What an amazing experience. The environment really clean. Once you walk in the door the first person to greet you is Amna with her kind words and soft touch, she makes you feel right at home. After your info is collected the technician calls you by your name and takes care of you. Spark Laser Center is professional and most importantly I’m very happy with my results.Ashley G.

I want to share my amazing experience with Miriam. I have been going to her for full body laser hair removal. Miriam has always taken care of me from A to Z. From the moment I walk in until I walk out she takes care of me and pays attention to every detail. She is always cheerful, in high spirits and talks to me through out the procedure making the time fly by. I am very happy with my results. Miriam takes a lot of pride in her work by following up with me to ensure that I am satisfied with my experience and results. I highly recommend seeing her for laser hair removal and you will definitely notice a big difference and change in your skin and hair removal, even from the first treatment!Julie M.

All around Spark Laser is BEST OF THE BEST! The office is very clean. The staff are amazingly friendly, patient and understanding. They always make me feel welcomed and as if I am part of their family and not just a customer. Amna and Jamie are truly amazing. My results are PHENOMENAL! I couldn’t be any happier!Lisa K.

I found Spark laser Center for Spa Week in April 2015. I checked them out on Yelp and Great8! reviews which made me feel more comfy. and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Spark Laser Center!…. I was first greeted by a lovely young lady, her name was Amna the Clinic Director she is very nice and well spoked and professional, she explained everything to me, since it was my FIRST Laser Session, the Technician Jen was very sweet and was gentile with me since I’m very sensitive person. Spark Laser is very clean, a relaxing place, and very discreet and professional, the staff are very nice and friendly. My laser treatment was Excellent, very good Quality. Alexandro A. A.

I have been going to spark for a little under a year and my experience just gets better and better. My last time I was with Mariam the newest member of the crew and she was sensational. She was so detailed and thoughtful. Considerate of my pain and my comfort. Not only do I feel like a pampered star when I go to Spark but with Mariam I feel like my hair needs are being met.AJ W.

Friendly, professional, honest with significant results. I would recommend this center to any and everyone who has been struggling with Lasor centers who really don’t care about YOU. Wish I came here sooner!!Sabrina S.

Amazing place. Super thorough job. Cares about their clients. Very personalized experience, which is refreshing. Also, great wine and you really can’t beat that.Steph D.

Spark Laser is fantastic. I have gone all over NYC for laser treatments and Spark by far is the most professional, medically educated, has the most advanced technology, and most of all, BEST results! I’m their client for life. Could not recommend Spark and Jennifer more!Francesca F.

Well I know Jennifer from Deify, used to get a laser treatment from her. Unfortunately, she started to treat me in the middle of my sessions, still I was lucky that I met her. She is amazing, very professional, doesn’t miss any hair. I had laser hair removal treatments done by many technicians, non of them does meticulous job like Jennifer. When I heard that she was working at laser center Sparks I followed Jennifer because I trust only her, and bought full legs, full arms, underarm and Brazilian packages(yes I am a hairy person). And of course, Amna is such a nice and warm person. She gives a good discount and I enjoy talking to her! They do free touch up if any hair misses (which never happened with me). I had already done three treatments, very satisfied and thriving! Yes it hurts, but it worthes any pain and penny! Girls you are in good hands! Munara S.

I love Spark Laser! Everyone here is so lovely, from reception to technicians. Everyone puts you right at ease from the beginning. I feel like I’m spending an afternoon with girlfriends, rather than taking my clothes off in front of strangers. My technician Jamie is just fantastic. She is incredibly thorough and very gentle. The laser used is top quality also. I’ve tried other laser hair removal treatments, and this is the only one that I would recommend.Elizabeth M.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! If you are looking for a laser hair removal place, SPARK Laser Center is your place. Since day one Amna and Jen were super nice and informative. I was new with the laser removal and I was always afraid of the treatments but thanks to Jen and Amna that changed. Their professionalism and great customer service made me feel so comfortable. Now I’m already on my last treatment and I’m super happy with the results and I can’t wait to come back!!!Andrea F.

I love Spark! All of the staff, from the front desk to the aestheticians, make you feel completely at ease and very welcome. Mariam is my laser specialist and she’s fantastic! Extremely thorough and gentle, she makes every effort to make you comfortable. And you get a free two week follow up! Love these girls!Ali M.

Spark Laser has been SO good to me. Jennifer, Amna and the newest member of the Spark Laser family, Mariam, are amazing! I know I will walk in, be taken on time, and get taken care of every single time! After a long day of work, I look forward to my laser appointment! How many people say that?! I am in the process of getting 4 areas done and feel great. I went to another laser center last year, did 6 sessions and did not receive the attention or results I have had thus from the Spark team. The technicians, Jennifer and Mariam, treat every area efficiently, but very, very thoroughly. Their touch-up policy is on POINT and so crucial for the larger areas. They are also just good, good people!! Really happy with the results and look forward to getting MORE areas treated in the futureKiki M.

Best laser center! Amna and Jen are professional, knowledgeable, accommodating and sweet. When I go there I know I’m in good hands. The place has the necessary equipment but it’s still very cute. During treatment Jen makes you feel comfortable and the best thing my hair it’s really not coming back! It’s working. Sdnylz M.

Do you want your hair barely there? Or completely bare? Get on over to Sparks if you want the best hair removal done the right way .. You will feel the Sparks in the bedroom ????Xtine B.

Had my first ever laser facial! More specifically, the laser rejuvenation and a TCA chemical peel. I was nervous because I’m brand new to lasers but I Jen, the technician made me feel at ease. I asked her any and every possible question and she kept me in the know every step of the way, huge plus for me! There were parts that would feel hot and sting a bit but she was able to distract me and was sure to give me a warning beforehand. I was red afterwards which I expected but I can already see my skin looking cleanser and clear. What I had helps stimulate collagen under my skin which will flatten out my light wrinkles and simmer down my blemishes. I asked Jen about the other services and she showed me Laser pigmentation by doing a couple test patches on a couple moles I have on my arms which she says will fall off (peel off) in the next few days, umm cool. Everyone was so nice to me. They offered me some coffee, tea, snacks even to to take my coat. Great service, great results and decent prices!Alison M.

HI was referred to Jennifer by a friend and I couldn’t be happier! She is extremely thorough and made me feel completely comfortable during treatment. Super fast and clean, great location as well. This is definitely the place to get ready for summer!Flora J.<

I found Spark on Gilt and I’m sooo freaking happy! Jen greeted me when I came in and she is so warm and friendly, I felt comfortable right away. I’ve never had laser before and I was doing my brazilian so I was really nervous. The space is really calm and clean, and it was over before I knew it. It really wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be so I bought a package for my underarms too. If you’re looking for a place you can trust to get laser done, this is it.Lorraine L.

Love Jenn and Anna! they are the best! Penn is professional, fast, efficient and super friendly. Anna is just the nicest person in the world. Both make a great team. Spark Laser Center is the perfect combination of excellent client service and professional laser treatment. Highly recommended!Adi A.

The best laser place in the city. Jennifer Nemeth is such a nice person and if your a first timer she will explain everything to you.i highly recoment you go there.reasonable prices and very clean!Elizabeth R.