Sagging Facial Skin: What’s Real and What’s Not?

Sagging facial skin is cute as the dickens on some breeds of dogs, but on human beings, it’s not something that anyone will ever have on their wish list. Hanging cheeks and jangly jowls, as we age, are a constant source of annoyance and embarrassment for many of us. And as with many things in life, there are both facts myths surrounding sagging facial skin.

Let’s take a look at some of the statements you may have heard about sagging skin and determine whether or not they are fact or fiction.

There Are Treatments and Products That Can Combat Sagging Skin

This is a fact.

From the outside, sagging skin can be slowed down with over-the-counter, topical retinols. Containing vitamin C serums and collagen production boosters, prescription retinoids are available from a doctor.

But if you want more youthful looking skin, high-technology weighs in with laser skin rejuvenation treatments. Not only can sagging, aging skin be rejuvenated through this process, this highly effective, convenient, and safe procedure can also remove facial skin imperfections and effects from the sun.

Skin Sagging Can Be Caused by Weight Loss

This is true. Along with your extra padding, your facial skin stretches as you gain weight. Actually, it stretches everywhere. You may notice a slack jaw or bags under your eyes if you lose a lot of weight. Particularly as we age, elasticity is lost and, unlike it did when we were young, the skin doesn’t bounce back.

In Order to Reduce Skin Sagging, Facial Exercises Can Be Done

Though there is a caveat, this is basically true. Facial muscles can be increased through facial exercises which, in theory, would lessen skin slackening. Unfortunately, they can also cause expression lines. So, crow’s feet may be worsened but your basset hound eyes might improve. This is likely not the effect most people are looking for.

Stomach Sleepers Are More Likely to Have Sagging Skin

No. Whereas sleep wrinkles may be caused by a particular sleep position, sagging skin will not. You’ll notice sleep wrinkles when you look in your bathroom mirror after you get up in the morning. As suggested earlier, when you’re younger, your skin bounces back thanks to its elasticity. As we get older, however, since we lose elasticity, you may consider trying to sleep on your back more often, to lessen those wrinkles.

Facial Sagging Can Be Caused by Running

No again. There are two basic reasons for sagging skin, related to age:

  • Skin droops because of an absence of facial fat.
  • Skin loses its elasticity because of collagen loss.

Nowhere in there is running mentioned. And though, while you’re jogging, your entire body does tend to bounce down and up, the likelihood of collagen damage from that kind of jostling is incredibly unlikely (according to plastic surgeons). On the other hand, the UV exposure and wind that runners frequently expose their skin to can have a definite effect on your skin and collagen.

Don’t Put Up With Sagging Skin

Any number of skin conditions, sagging facial skin included, can not only make you look and feel older, but have a direct effect on your self-confidence. Why suffer with unwanted skin conditions when, through the services of Spark Laser Center, youthful looking skin can be refreshed, revived, and rejuvenated through the latest high-tech treatments and techniques.

If you would to have firm, clear, beautiful, youthful looking skin, do not hesitate to contact us today by phone at 212-245-0940. If you’d rather set up a consultation conveniently online, click here to get started.

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