Summer vs. Winter for Laser Hair Removal

Those seeking to undergo the process of laser treatment for hair removal can know they won’t have to worry about concealing, waxing, tweezing, or shaving again. However, the time of year definitely matters where the quality of your treatment is concerned. Here’s how to get the most out of laser hair removal.


Less Sun Exposure Will Improve Treatment Quality

In order to be most effective, the best time of year to get treatment is the winter. That’s because the laser must be used on skin that hasn’t been exposed to the sun. Lasers track differences in color between the skin and hair follicle. So, the more tanned the skin, the higher the risk that the laser settings won’t be accurate, and the more likely your skin will sustain damage.

Winter is ideal because more of your skin is covered, and you are outside for shorter periods of time. Even so, you’ll want to limit sun and heat exposure as much as possible before, during, and after treatment.


Laser Targeting Is More Effective in Winter

The laser targets hair follicles that are actively growing hair; that is, which have hair present in the follicle. In the summer, hair removal by waxing, plucking, or using hair removal creams removes hair from the root, but, in winter, hair can be allowed to grow. Shaving may become the main way you maintain hair growth.

Shaving leaves the hair in the follicle and, when you shave a couple of days before treatment, the laser can be better directed inside the follicle to remove hair permanently.


Treatment Takes Time

The process of laser hair removal requires 6-8 weeks. That’s another reason why winter is the best time for laser hair removal. If your initial session is in the late fall or early in the winter, you will have enough time to complete treatments before the warmer weather sets in. Your skin will also have plenty of time to recover, ensuring that you’re comfortable and look great all summer long.


Eliminate Excess Hair Virtually Anywhere

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In addition to legs, arms, and the bikini area, laser hair removal can also be used on the neck, underarms, cheeks, back, and chin, as well as the areola and stomach. Laser hair removal for summer shrinks the hair follicle each time. This means that it will take longer to grow hair back. If the follicle is destroyed completely, the hair may not return.


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