Top Models/Celebrities Who Swear by Laser Hair Removal

One of the most important celebrity beauty secrets is a professional laser hair removal treatment. Advances in laser hair removal technology now allow both men and women of all skin colors and hair types to have the same beautiful results.

Which of your favorite celebrities and top fashion models is having their hair permanently and safely removed for those picture-perfect results? Let’s look into the who’s who of laser hair removal.

Stars, Celebrities, and Top Models Who Use Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal uses a targeted laser beam to destroy hair follicles, preventing the regrowth of unsightly body hair. Do celebrities get laser hair removal? By their own admission in interviews, vlogs, social media, or reality TV, these are just some of the famous people who have had professional laser hair removal treatments:

Kim Kardashian

Kim has revealed numerous times that she considers laser hair removal an important part of maintaining a beautiful appearance. She has had permanent hair removal on her arms, legs, underarms, and bikini line and has positive things to say about the process and the results.

Khloe Kardashian

Kim’s sister Khloe also uses laser hair removal treatments, having one done on the TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians. The clean and smooth feeling and lasting results were featured in her comments.

Victoria Beckham

As a pop star and fashion icon, Victoria first shocked her fans by saying she was no longer shaving her legs, leaving the public wondering “What do models do for hair removal?” She clarified by later saying she was enjoying the pleasant and permanent results of laser hair removal treatment.

Lilly Ghalichi

Lilly describes her earlier hair removal techniques as bad experiences, complete with razor burn and in-grown hairs. She has used laser hair removal since college on her face, underarms, and bikini area, reporting that she is grateful for the advancements in hair removal technology that make getting ready for a photoshoot an easy task.

Hoda Kotb

Hoda actually had a laser hair removal treatment done live on The Today Show, while Kathie Lee observed. Hoda described the sensation as being like a cold blast of air on her skin.

It is unknown whether Hoda and Kathie have gone on to have regular treatments.


This Korean pop star has shared with friends that he has had his facial hair removed with laser treatments. Standards of beauty for K-Pop idols are extremely high, and the perfect shave celebrities want can become easy to maintain with laser hair removal.

Patrick Starr

As a prominent vlogger on social media, Patrick is a makeup consultant and celebrity who spends hours in heavy makeup. By achieving and maintaining a smooth flawless look through laser removal of hair on his face and neck, the results are easy to see. Patrick even vlogged a laser hair removal session on his channel.

Eva Longoria

Eva first turned to laser hair removal as a much less painful alternative to the traditional Brazilian wax. While waxing for hair removal was so uncomfortable that she was unable to complete her first session, Eva recommends laser hair removal to all her friends, including Victoria Beckham.

Why Do Celebrities and Top Models Choose Laser Hair Removal?

The benefits of laser hair removal are easy to see in the flawless and clean skin of top models and media celebrities. Beyond simply removing unsightly hair from the face and body, most people in the public spotlight also want to experience these laser hair removal results:

  • Less sweating and chafing
  • No irritation, redness, or ingrown hairs caused by shaving
  • Permanent hair removal with no stubble
  • Smooth skin without discoloration
  • Spending less time on beauty maintenance
  • Affordable when compared to regular waxing
  • Customized results by removing exactly as much hair as desired

Factors to Consider When Preparing for Laser Hair Removal

Man Getting Facial Treatment

Of course, choosing the best place for laser hair removal starts with selecting a well-recommended and professional laser hair removal center. Here’s what you should expect from the process and how to properly prepare for the procedure:

  • Most patients will have a series of sessions, usually three to seven, depending on the amount of hair to be removed. Sessions are typically scheduled about a month apart.
  • You should limit plucking, waxing, or electrolysis treatments for approximately six weeks prior to laser hair removal.
  • Avoid tanning or direct exposure to the sun for six weeks before AND after laser hair removal to avoid complications and discoloration.
  • You will need to remove all makeup prior to the procedure and follow your doctor’s instructions on how to prepare the areas to be treated.
  • Your hair will be trimmed very short just before the treatment starts, and a numbing agent will be applied.
  • You may experience some discomfort during the procedure, especially during your first session or on sensitive or dark-colored areas of your skin.
  • Equipment used will vary, depending on your skin color, the type of hair being removed, your hair color, and where the hair to be removed is located on the body.

After a Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Those who have had a recent laser hair removal appointment will probably be advised of these aftercare recommendations:

  • Many patients have some tenderness at the treated areas after laser hair removal, which may look and feel like a sunburn. Using a cool cloth and moisturizers can soothe this irritation.
  • If your hair follicles become swollen, this effect is temporary and can usually be relieved with hydrocortisone cream.
  • You can usually wear makeup on your face within a few days of treatment.
  • Over the next month or so, hairs will fall out where the treatment occurred.
  • You should wear sunscreen on the treated areas for at least a month and avoid tanning.
  • Results will vary, with dark, coarse hair being the easiest to permanently remove and small, finer hairs sometimes requiring several treatments.

Choosing a Laser Hair Removal Center

Woman Smiling

Laser hair removal requires an expert with experience and should not be something you do at home or on a whim at the strip mall. While the process is safe and effective in professional hands, inexperienced users of laser equipment can cause burns and long-lasting changes to skin color.

Choosing a certified laser technologist and a facility in your area that has the latest equipment will provide the best experience, require the fewest sessions, and give the most beautiful results. An experienced technician will explain your options fully and help guide you to the results you want and need.

The best providers use cooled lasers that incorporate a cold spray of air combined with cooling topical gels to eliminate the heat and discomfort new patients often report. All in all, however, laser hair removal is one of the least painful ways to remove thick, coarse hair in a permanent way, without the irritation and ingrown hairs that other methods can cause.

NYC Laser Hair Removal for Your Own Celebrity Look

In New York City, Spark Laser Center has certified laser specialists who have the expertise to enhance your beauty and shape your body hair to a clean, well-groomed look you will be proud to show off and happy to maintain. We tailor treatment packages using GentleMax, a dual-wavelength laser technology that works well for all skin colors and hair types.

How do models get a smooth bikini line and a flawless face? The answer is professional laser hair removal. Schedule a consultation today and find out how you can have the same carefree beauty routine and be well-groomed 24/7 at Sparks Laser Center. There is no better time to take control of those stray hairs and bumpy bikini lines with permanent hair removal in NYC.

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