What Can Botox Do For You?

What Can Botox Do For You?

Botox is a procedure in which small amounts of diluted botulinium toxin are injected into the skin to help smooth wrinkles as well as tackle a variety of health problems. Botox works by shielding a particular muscle from receiving instructions from the brain, in essence freezing it. Because Botox does not travel beyond the point of injection, it can be used to treat a series of medical issues in a localized area. Here then are some of the skin and medical problems you can be treated with using Botox.

Botox has been used to treat wrinkles for a long time. Its ability to block communication between a muscle and the brain causes the muscles in the area that Botox is applied in to relax and therefore smoothen over the skin. Depending on the area of the skin and the muscle affected, Botox might need to be reapplied periodically for the smoothening effect to stay in place.
Excessive Sweating
Working on the same principle as the muscle, Botox blocks communication between glands and the brain. This means that when applied to a particular area with a concentration of sweat glands (such as the armpits); Botox can prevent the overstimulation of these glands and therefore a reduction in sweating. Application here is particularly effective as the effect of the Botox can last for a long time before you need to reapply it.
Drooping Brow
This condition can be as a result of genetics or other medical conditions. It makes the person look like they are permanently sad because of the droopy brow. Botox, applied here, causes the muscle to relax and to cease the contractions that make the brow to droop. The net effect is a lifted brow and a much more happier and pleasant look.
Migraine Relief
The effect of Botox on migraines was discovered accidentally when people under Botox treatment for wrinkles reported far fewer episodes of migraine attacks than before the treatment. Botox gives relief to migraine sufferers by reducing the effect of migraine such as nausea and light sensitivity, which in turn help the patient to manage their migraine problem better.
Eye Twitch
Twitching is often caused by muscle spasm that can become permanent and affect the sufferer’s vision as well as normal functioning. Using Botox to treat eye twitches rests on the drug’s ability to cause muscles to relax by blocking signals from the brain. By doing this, Botox is able to significantly reduce or even eliminate the eye twitch completely.

Bell’s Palsy
Bell’s palsy is a condition in which facial muscles, typically on one side of your face, suddenly relax and appear to droop. This causes one to have a one-sided smile and the eye on the affected side might have difficulty closing. For most people, Bell’s palsy is a temporary condition that lasts a few weeks and then resolves itself. In severe cases, the affected side might experience total paralysis. Botox can help relax the muscles on the affected side and reduce any facial twitching that may occur.
As you can see, Botox can be used to help you overcome a variety of medical conditions. Always remember to work with certified professionals for your Botox treatment. At Spark Laser Center, we have extensive experience in Botox treatments. Give us call today at (212) 256-9496 or fill this online request form for a free consultation.

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