Why Timing for Laser Treatment for Hair Removal Is Important

Getting rid of unwanted body hair and reducing how often we have to shave various parts of our bodies are two benefits of laser treatment for hair removal. With regular treatments, you may even be able to have permanent hair removal. Imagine never having to shave your legs or face again!

To reach the permanent stage, timing is everything for laser hair removal treatments. The hairs on our bodies go through different growth cycles. Further complicating the growth cycles, each hair can be on a different part of the growth cycle. To better help you understand this concept, let’s look at the growth pattern for body hair.


Growth Phase (Anagen)

During this stage, the hair becomes noticeable about the skin. The hair will grow for about three weeks before it reaches the next stage. During the growth phase, the hair follicle is attached to the papilla at the base of the hair.

The papilla is the part of the hair that causes the different stages of hair growth. Having laser hair removal during the growth phase is a good choice. The lasers can penetrate and destroy the papilla. Destroying the papilla will stop new hair growth.


Shedding Phase (Catagen)

During this stage, the hair starts to go dormant and falls out. The shedding phase tends to last one to two days. The human body can shed thousands of hairs every day.

Getting laser hair removal during the shedding phase is not ideal. The hair follicle is no longer attached to the papilla. While the hairs will be removed during the treatment, the growth cycle is not stopped, and the hair will grow back again in the near future.


Resting Phase (Telogen)

During this stage, the hair has fallen out and the papilla is resting. It can rest for a few days or as long as a few years before growing a new hair. As long as the papilla remains, the hair growth cycle will start again at some point.


How Much Time Between Laser Hair Removal Treatments Is Needed?

As you might have guessed by now, it takes more than one laser treatment for hair removal to get rid of body hair permanently. To eventually reach permanent hair removal in specific body areas, you need to have treatments scheduled while hairs are in the growth phase in order to destroy the papilla. If the hairs are in the other two phases, the papilla is not destroyed.

During your first treatment, any hairs in the growth phase are permanently destroyed. However, they can be a resting papilla near the papillae that were destroyed. So, it is possible for new hairs to appear in the same areas as the hairs that were removed. Plus, if hairs are shedding, they are removed but can grow back in the same location.

The average total time of hair growth cycles ranges from 6 to 12 weeks. Just remember, sometimes the papilla can remain dormant for months or years, so new hair may not appear within this time frame.

Smiling woman undergoing laser hair removal on her armpit

Therefore, your laser treatments are typically scheduled within the 6- to 12-week time frame to catch new hairs in the growth phase and destroy the papilla. The amount and frequency of treatments are also determined by other factors, including genetics, hair color, hair growth, and skin tone.

Your laser hair removal professional has the skills and expertise to develop a personalized and customized laser hair removal schedule to help you achieve permanent hair removal. To schedule a free consultation to learn more about laser treatment for hair removal in Manhattan, please feel free to call Spark Laser Center at (212) 245-0940 today!

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